How to Calculate SEO ROI [Easily] With Free Tools — SEO by Sociallyin

How can you understand the value of SEO work?

What is ROI?


Why is it Important to Measure SEO ROI?

What are the Challenges?

Several challenges you should be aware of.

Calculating SEO Investments

  • Internal SEO Resources — The most crucial internal resources that you need to invest in are your time and money. You can’t expect high rankings if you don’t have enough people working on the SEO campaign or if there’s no budget allocated for it. Figuring out your internal SEO investments is less complicated than other items. Simply calculate how many hours and dollars were invested so far.
  • Outsourced Resources — If you have outsourced some of your SEO work, then you need to determine the cost of those services. Usually, calculating this is pretty straightforward as agencies generally charge per project or per contract.
  • Investment in SEO Tools — Another investment that you need to consider in calculating SEO ROI is the cost of tools and software.
  • Management Hours — This is the most difficult item to quantify and also the most important. Keep track of your time spent instructing your team and dealing with vendors.

SEO Conversion Tracking and Analysis

  • eCommerce Conversion Values — If you’re running an eCommerce website, it’s important to track the monetary value of each conversion. This is easily done by setting up a goal in Google Analytics and tracking the purchase values associated with each conversion. Once you have this data, you can simply divide it by your total SEO investment to get the “Value per Conversion”.
  • Lead Generation Conversion Values — If your website is generating leads from organic traffic, then you need to track the value of each lead. This can be done by setting up a conversion goal in Google Analytics and tagging all generated leads accordingly. Then simply divide the total SEO investment with the number of conversions to get the “Value per Conversion”.
  • Other Values — Other values that can be tracked and used for calculating SEO ROI are downloads, form submissions, white papers downloaded, etc. Basically, any goal that has a value associated with it can be used to calculate the return on investment of your SEO campaign.

Calculating Your Return on Investment

  • Total Cost of Investment
  • Value of Conversions



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